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may face criminal charges. 25,000 match sticks arranged to look like a map of the united states. >> i think it's an interesting piece for sure. i think it makes its point. >> reporter: it was created by this woman as part of an interactive art exhibit at the queens nails gallery off mission and valencia. >> the rules are different from other countries, the rules. you come here and see that people are playing with fire and they don't like this. >> reporter: she insists the exhibit was safe, that extinguishers were on hand. fire retardant was used on the walls and no one was on the top floor. officials say things got out of control around 10:00 last night. >> when insaw like two or three -- when insaw like two or three fire trucks, i thought what could be burning. >> reporter: now the gallery owner may be in hot water since he set the display on fire. >> it wasn't malicious. it was just out of ignorance where he lit it. >> reporter: this is youtube video of artwork by the same artist. she creates exhibits out of match works and as part of the exhibit, the matches are lit on fire. >> yo
of the united states. it seems a lot of people are paying attention to this game. a lot of people are rooting for the 49ers. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, ken. our team continues with sal castanedo who joins us from the newsroom with more on what the players had to say. you mentioned some of the questions, mely not the typical ones -- rearly not the typical ones that players -- really not the typical ones players face. >> they've been talking to the press. it does get entertaining because much of the journalists are not the usual beat writers and the questions can get interesting. >> how would you describe your hair? >> just an afro. >> but the questions did eventually roll around the football. 49ers' defensive player aldon smith talked about his play and the focus. >> we came here to win a game. we came here -- you know, it's the super bowl. we're all excited. we came here to win the game. we all have that same spot in mind. >> there have been rumors that alex smith will ask for his release after the season. smith was quick to refocus attention on the game. >> no, no. i'm foc
rights leader. he became one of the first openly gay men elected to public office in the united states when he joined the san francisco's board of supervisors in 1977. one year later was assassinated at city hall. some people told ktvu they do not want the airport to be renamed but others liked the idea of naming it. >> i think it's really important that people understand who he was and what he did. >> hopefully residents of san francisco have always known that this city is going to take a leadership role and if san francisco won't do it, who will. >> supervisors could vote on the proposal in 2 weeks. if it passes an amendment would go before voters in november. the cost of renaming could run between 50 and $250,000. >>> new information about the pilot of a plane that disappeared carrying the ceo. the plane vanished on january 4 january 4th. today italy's national air safety agency said the plane's owner did not have a certificate to operate and that the pilot's psychological fitness expired. it was carrying his partner, another couple and two crew members. >>> well, a crowd could be s
. flames gutted the unit ever the apartment which is located at second and e streets. neighbors say they hope the woman can make a full recovery. >> hoping she is okay. we know she suffered burns and things like that. hopefully she is okay. we will go from there. it is completely gone. but you know that was the only apartment affected by it. >> the woman remains in critical condition with burns to her face and arms. >>> the san bruno pipe explosion are trying to negotiate one final settlement with pg&e. a judge ordered the two sides to come to terms to avoid a long and costly trial. they have reached settlements in the dozens of individual lawsuits and hundreds of other suits are still pending. the blast on september 9th killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. >>> a man accused of killing a burglary suspect is due in a courtroom for a few hours. his supporters will hold a rally outside the courthouse. 26-year-old luis ricardo fernando is accused of shooting christopher soriano in the garage of his apartment complex. the lawyers said he and others were trying to detain sor
the healthcare system in state prisons. not only did they come out on top in the united states but in the world. he says california has provided more beds and built or ren nateed -- renovated healthcare facilities. court documents say the prison conditions have vastly improved making the judge's ruling no longer necessary. >> i'm hopeful we'll prevail in the 9th circuit. if not, we have a direct appeal to the scattered showers and we'll -- to the supreme court and we'll go there if needed. >> reporter: he slammed 25 federal reports which he says nit-picked california's perfectly fine prison system. he believes the reports were a waste of money. now, brown wants to get out from under the court order that requires california to spend more than $440 million a year sending inmates to prison in other states. the population in the state's 33 prisons has been reduced by more than 27,000 inmates since 2011. and he says this could force the state to release dangerous inmates. he wants the cap to 2009. now, that decision was upheld by the u.s. supreme court in 2011. so far the federal judges have said th
with the latest there. >> reporter: the sheriff's mobile unit arrived within the hour which means they man to stay here a while. you can see where they are gathered beyond the crime scene tape and over to the side of them is y where this all happened 5 houses down from where i am standing in front of that house with the shrubs in front. we talked to a neighbor who saw it happen. >> like, pop, pop, pop, you know like one shot and two following. >> did you hear it or see him. >> i saw it. i saw him aiming and take the shot. it happened so quick i closed the gate and ran back in the house. >> the chopper was over the house after that. the sheriff's department got a call from a man asking for help, saying his son was behaving bizarrely, a spokeman said it all happened quickly. >> you never know what is going to come out of it. here is a case within two minutes of him getting here he has already fired his weapon, so this was a quick thing, he gets out of his car immediately confront bid the suspect ed by the suspect who starts to charge at him with this rambo style knife and he in his own defense is
to the individual religious and civil groups that sponsor these units. one national campaign centered around a bay area teen. the family of that teen said he was denied an eagle scout award because he's gay. >>> nightclub tragedy. who's been arrested after the fire in brazil as the death toll continues to rise. >>> warmer weather is in our forecast. ktvu's meteorologist rosemary orozco will be here to let us know if rain is heading our way. >> reporter: super bowl fever is its heating up in the -- is heating up in the big easy. i'm ken wayne. we'll have a live report -- coming up. >>> brazilian authorities have arrested three people in connection with this weekend's deadly nightclub fire and are looking for a fourth. under brazilian law, they can hold them for five days for questioning. 233 people died. investigators believe the band playing used pyrotechnics and that touched off the fire. bouncers made things worse by trying to stop people they thought were trying to stip out on their bar bills. >> the people inside the facility, informed us when they came out that security guards blocked the exi
license plate. >> tolling is going electronic, globally, across the united states. we happen to be the first ones in california going this way. we're also saving money. collecting tolls manually costs more than twice as much as it does to collects this way. >> reporter: the next step will be getting the public prepared. expect a big outreach campaign before the transition happens in about 60 days. as far as jackie and erica? they both say their plan is to take the final days one day at a time. at the golden gate bridge, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we've got a live report coming up from new orleans. >> here at home, a local amusement park debuts its new roller coaster. warmer temperatures on the way. mark tells you when. ao?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now best foods mayonnaise is just $2.77. so pile it on. pizza is served. digiorno pizza is just $3.
. but still on track for its best january since 1989. stocks that are slipping include united parcel service which slowed down in the fourth quarter by weak global trade and a disappointing holiday shopping season. the dow is down 32. the nasdaq is down almost 1 and the s&p down 2. >>> the government is trying to keep two beer giants from partnering up. the justice department has filed suit in federal court to block the makers of budweiser from buying corona for $20 billion. the government says the deal between anheuser-busch and group0 medello would eliminate too much competition and lead to too many higher beer prizes. >>> a fire official in georgia, atlanta says a 14-year-old has been shot in the head at a middle school and has been taken to the hospital. a teacher suffered minor cuts and bruises but was treated on the scene. this is at price middle school in atlanta. there was a swarm of atlanta police officers at the school. we're told the shooting victim was taken to grady high school but information on the teen's condition was not immediately available and we do understand the suspect
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9